Hammam Experience

Hammam is an Arabic word used in Eastern culture for bath. The hammam was designed to contain steam. In ancient design steam would be fed into the room through small holes in the floor and rise throughout the room.

When inside a crystal steam room you can feel the moisture gathering on your skin. You will see it visibly bubble on your skin.  The water collects not only on your skin but on the surfaces as well. Like many bathing rooms, every surface is solid tile so it will not absorb the moisture. Water will drip from the ceiling and it is very warm but not hot enough to effect the integrity of the skin. I was immediately surprised to feel the water dripping onto my skin, fore I wasn’t prepared for it. (Photo Source)

The air is very think and you can feel the inside of your nose begin to change in sensitivity. I recommend first time visitors to take a cool towel with them to rest over their face. Leave enough room for our mouth and nose to inhale the steam. Inhaling the steam has many health benefits. I could feel a difference in my breath almost immediately. As I inhaled I felt a sense that more oxygen was entering my body then in a normal setting. I began to feel more energized and have a clear mind.

I had decided before entering the bath that I was going to go fully nude. Many of the women in the spa were nude as well and it was comfortable to expose my skin to the steam, to the water, to the wet heat. See, this is the biggest difference between a sauna and a steam room. Dry heat vs. wet heat. If you were to wear clothing I imagine your clothing would weigh you down after it became wet, you also want the sweat to be easily removed from your skin after the steam room.

At the Canyon Ranch Spa they have the crystal steam room available for our pleasure and relaxation. I won’t forget the experience. I recommend you take your large towel with you too! Lay down on top of the towel and allow your shoulders to fall against the tile and your feet to fall away from your center. You are opening up your body to receive the moisture in the steam through your lungs. The pores will expand and you will perspire toxins. The toxin may carry viruses but note that a virus can’t survive in heat over 98 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a great reason to utilize a steam room regularly. (Photo Source)

At the Canyon Ranch Spa they also utilize crystals in their steam environment. Many believe that crystals effect our ability to relax and meditate. I’m not sure if it was the steam, the crystal, the soft lighting or all of the above, but I was in a meditation mode. I stayed inside the environment as long as the towel over my face was still cool. It was around 15-20 minutes and then I felt a pull to exit the environment. Many of the specialists at the Spa recommended 15 minutes for each environment so maybe this was an influence. I jumped over to the tiled stalls adjacent to the crystal steam room to rinse the toxins from my body under their experiential rains. (Photo Source)

I dream about doing this again in my sleep! It left me feeling a euphoric feeling and peace in my mind.

Best Ever Day!!



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