Who is ASpaBlogBoss

Welcome to incites on some of the hottest spas!

My goal is to share my experience with you and that you will then treat yourself to the same experience as soon as you can!

My name is Jillian and my gay best friend calls me Jillianaire… so fun! That’s why you may see me sign a post as such.

I’m a down to earth lady that loves to explore new cities and cultures.

Five years ago my mother and I took off from central Indiana to South Florida to start new lives. We opened a business to help seniors stay home as they age. We have almost 70 amazing caregivers working with us to provide this level of care and support. They are the heart of our business and mom and I work hard to keep the business successful.

We have dedicated our lives to helping families have peace of mind. We provide exceptional care to others as servant leaders in our community. As advocates for seniors we often times spend so much time on their comfort and become their voice to ensure they are treated with dignity and respect in every aspect of their lives.

This is exhausting! Even though I don’t truly feel like I work a day in my life, my mind and body say otherwise. I often times feel fatigue that I can’t snap out of, or an emotion like depression…. I just don’t want to engage in anything. This isn’t me, this is my exhausted mind and body begging for rejuvenation!

I need to listen to my mind and body and I know I’m not the only one!

If I can inspire others to see themselves as worthy and deserving of just one spa experience, then my mission will be accomplished!

God bless you and your families!





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